Milton’s Strength Training Testimonials

Testimonials for Milton

“I trained with Milton in 1988, when I was a college student. I moved away to go to Law School, life, marriage and kids, but Milton’s training remained in my mind and spirit. In 2006, I came across his business card in my business partner’s office. I called him up, signed on the dotted line and have been strength training with him as recommended. He pushes me to my level of endurance, gives me confidence in my body, and now strong back. He trains me in his unique, spiritually strong way. Thank you, Milton!”

“I started working out with Milton on the advice of an orthopedic surgeon in order to try and avoid a second surgery to fix the complications of the first surgery on my knee. At the time I was very unhappy and needed a cane to walk. Now, one year later, my knee is much improved having thrown away the cane six months ago. Recent X-rays show that the arthritis in my knees has not worsened in the past year. As an added benefit, not only am I a lot stronger and my back feels better, but my blood work … my glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides … all have moved into the normal ranges without medications. Also, my blood pressure is down some 15 points. With his knowledge and experience, Milton has been able to make a huge difference in my condition.”

“I have two herniated discs and two degenerative discs in my back. There were days when I could not stand up straight and doing any physical activity was often an adventure in pain leading to immobilization. At 50 years of age, I was facing surgery or strengthening my back. I chose Milton, and now I have never been stronger. I haven’t had one episode with my back in over a year. The workouts are quick and efficient. Proven results made possible by a proven professional.”

“I was looking for a more efficient, faster and safer workout. I came to see Milton from a referral from a close friend. I’ve had several injuries from playing tennis, and other sports and Milton as been able to rehabilitate my injuries and increase my strength. Love it!”

“I’ve lost 22 pounds since I started training with Milton. But the best part is that I can’t remember when I was ever pain-free before, and now I am! The constant neck and shoulder pain is gone!”

“My back, neck and shoulders used to hurt so bad, some days I would have to leave work early. I started strength training with Milton, and he has the expertise to work with my problems where so many other professionals had failed. I am now pain-free and strong.”

“Milton, you may not understand how much this helps me! With the stress I have had the last few years, it would have been tough to cope without your help and training. Thank you!”

“As a business owner, time is money. Being able to work with Milton allows me to fulfill my exercise needs for the week without sacrificing precious time. I like the endorphin rush after the workout which gives me an overall feeling of wellness and vitality. It really offsets the stress of the day.”

“My cardiologist recommended I contact Milton to help improve my overall health. After four months of training, I went back to my doctor, and my blood work was significantly improved in all areas. Milton’s online scheduling fits my busy schedule.”

“This is the quickest most efficient workout I’ve ever experienced. Love the online scheduling. With Milton’s business model, I can schedule my workouts around my hectic schedule.”

“I perform surgery and used to get a lot of neck and upper back fatigue. Since I’ve been training with Milton, I have significantly strengthened my body and no longer have pain at the end of the day in my neck, shoulders, and back.”

“I travel and socialize a lot due to my profession, and my eating habits aren’t the best. Working with Milton three days a week helps keep me on track and I like the short, efficient workouts.”

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Testimonials for Cynthia

“Cynthia, Just wanted to let you know, my back feels so much better after the strength training session. Thank you, as always. You are amazing.”

“Thank you Cynthia for helping me with my back on Monday. How you helped me made a world of difference!”

“Cynthia, I woke up this morning and for the first time in weeks, I felt no shoulder pain. The strength training helped stretch the muscles and increase the circulation. It really loosening everything up! I just wanted to say thank you for always taking the time to listen, assessing the situation and figuring out how to adapt the strength training to help me. You are so talented and so very unique.”

“Cynthia, Thanks for the awesome workout this morning. I felt like a million bucks all day!”

“My shoulder and back had been hurting daily from extensive computer work. Since I started strength training with Cynthia my pain is gone and my range of motion is so much better.”

“Cynthia got me looking awesome for my wedding and now she is getting me back in shape after the birth of my first child. Weight resistance training has been the best form of exercise for me to shed fat and get back into my favorite smaller clothes!”

“Strength training with Cynthia keeps me looking good and super energized. I love the convenience to schedule online and she never keeps me waiting for my appointment. Time efficient!

“I planned a vacation on a ranch and wanted to be strong enough to get on a horse without help and I needed my back strengthened from a previous surgery. When I got to the ranch, I was the only woman who was strong enough to get on their horse without help and I was the oldest woman! That made me feel great! My back is so good now I can garden and enjoy pain free movement. Thank you Cynthia!”

“I started strength training with Cynthia because my back and neck were regularly causing me so much pain I couldn’t move. She helped me understand that strengthening my whole body would bring me many health benefits. She has helped me accomplish that and so much more! My back and neck are stronger than they’ve ever been and my bouts with pain are few and very far between. Her understanding of the body is incredible and she uses her expertise to give me strength and function as a wife, mother and business owner. I’m so grateful for her on so many levels.”

“I first came to train with Cynthia about 6 months after I had my second child by c-section. I really needed to tone up and get rid of my baby pooch. In only one month’s time I could really notice a difference, not only in my appearance but also in my energy level. Cynthia is a great motivator and very knowledgeable. I am thankful to her for helping me feel better about myself and getting back to my pre-baby weight. Thanks Cynthia!”

“I would like to say that doing my strength training under the direction of Cynthia is something that I look forward to. It helps me get my day off to a great/energetic start, maintains toned muscles in my neck, keeps my back muscles toned and strong, and helps me avoid feeling tired and stressed. Actually, I feel and look more “fit” in my 50’s than I did in my 40’s!”

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