After treating and training thousands of clients with musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, and with over three decades of accumulated knowledge and experience as a health and fitness professional, Milton developed Milton’s Strength Training: a weight resistance training program that when performed for ten minutes, three days a week, improves health and fitness and eliminates back and neck pain.

Milton’s Strength Training integrates Milton’s version of the squat, curl, and overhead press into one distinct exercise that will simultaneously challenge your body as a whole making it possible to dramatically reduce the exercise time to ten minutes. Strengthening all the musculature throughout your body, including the back, neck, abdominals, gluteus maximus and piriformis improves spinal posture, stabilizes joint alignment, and improves joint function resulting in the elimination of back and neck pain.

“I perform surgery and used to get a lot of neck and upper back fatigue. Since I’ve been training with Milton, I have significantly strengthened my body and no longer have pain at the end of the day in my neck, shoulders, and back. Thanks, Milton!

For private master instruction, train with Milton live via Skype. Demand is high and space is limited. To make the most of your private personal training time with Milton, his book, “What is Exercise? Milton’s Guide to Health & Fitness” is required reading before you schedule your consultation. Click this link to go to Amazon.com and purchase your book. You can schedule your consultation and training appointments with Milton by clicking on the “Schedule Your Appointments Online” tab at the top of the page.