Milton Jimenez is a highly experienced and accomplished health and fitness professional. Since 1983, he has devoted his life to the research, development, and application of health and fitness. After decades of treating, training, and helping thousands of clients with musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, he applied his accumulated knowledge and experience to a process of research and development, and ultimately created Milton’s Strength Training; a weight resistance training program that when performed for ten minutes, three days a week improves health and fitness and eliminates back and neck pain.

“I’m in the healthcare profession, and my schedule is very demanding. I knew I needed to increase and maintain my strength so I could pursue all my interests. I wanted to find an experienced professional, and one of my colleagues suggested strength training at Milton’s Fitness Club. I first started training with Milton in 2003 and was impressed with his knowledge and expertise. He has a direct, common-sense approach that I appreciate very much. My strength and energy have increased dramatically making is possible for me to keep up with my professional responsibilities. Thank you, Milton!”

For private master instruction, train with Milton live via Skype. Demand is high and space is limited. To make the most of your private personal training with Milton, his book “What is Exercise? Milton’s Guide to Health & Fitness” is required reading before you schedule your consultation. Click this link to go to and purchase your book. You can schedule your consultation and training appointments by clicking on the “Schedule Your Appointments Online” tab at the top of the page.