Milton Jimenez is a highly experienced and accomplished health and fitness professional. Since 1983, he has devoted his life to the research, development, and application of health and fitness. After decades of treating, training, and helping thousands of clients with musculoskeletal disorders, pain, and injuries, he applied his accumulated knowledge and experience to a process of research and development, and ultimately created Milton’s Strength Training. Milton’s Strength Training is a proven, weight resistance training program that integrates Milton’s version of the squat, curl, and overhead press into one distinct exercise program that when performed for ten minutes, three days a week improves health and fitness and eliminates back and neck pain.

Milton is available for private personal training via Skype. The demand for Milton’s time is high and space is limited. Before you schedule your consultation, his book “What is Exercise? Milton’s Guide to Health & Fitness” is required reading in order to gain insight into his method for improving health and fitness and eliminating back and neck pain. Click on the link below to go to and order your copy of “What is Exercise? Milton’s Guide to Health & Fitness.” Prior to your consultation, you must also consult with your medical doctor to assure there are no underlying medical concerns that will prevent you from participating in Milton’s Strength Training. You can purchase and schedule your consultation with Milton by clicking on the “Schedule Your Appointments Online” tab at the top of the page. After your consultation with Milton you can purchase your package for Milton’s Strength Training via Skype and begin scheduling your appointments online.
Click the link below. Milton’s book ”What is Exercise? Milton’s Guide to Health & Fitness” is available at